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Lunar New Year's holiday delivery schedule, Refund for delayed delivery of the product.

This is a guide to apply for a refund due to the Lunar New Year delivery period, non-delivery area, and delayed delivery.

  1. Lunar New Year's Day holiday Delivery

  2. Information on how to refund and accept the product due to delayed delivery.

1) Lunar New Year's Day holiday Delivery

Due to the Lunar New Year's Day in 2022, the 4th delivery date in January has been delayed to February.

Existing delivery date: January 27-28 > February 7th ~

2) Information on how to refund and accept the product due to delayed delivery.

Among the contents of the "The Owl House Collaboration" shop, which has been held since October 8, 2021, I will help you refund some/full of the items that have not yet been delivered.

Refundable item : Opening Enamel pin - Luz&Amity
Refund request period : From January 27th to before delivery

Some of the items were made below B grade and requested to be re-produced, but products that have not been delivered so far can be refunded due to rejection of re-production and refund.

The product will be re-produced using other companies from early February, and can be exchanged with other products.

For refunds/requests, contact the website or SNS. And please select 'Some refunds' (Opening pin - Luz&Amity) or 'All refunds' of the order along with your order name and order number.

In the case of purchasing a deposit without a bankbook in Korea, please send me the account information (bank name, account number, and account holder name) to receive a refund.

Some refunds are only available for the 'Opening enamel pin - Luz & Amity', and the perks are maintained only for the order. In the case of a full refund, the perks will be canceled.

If you don't have a refund request(you want to wait a little longer) ore any message, the product will be produced and start shipping by mid March.

The re-made product is a little lighter than the existing pin and the color changes a little. (Amity face color, etc.)

All Halloween Hunter Enamel pins (Ghost Knight Hunter) have been manufactured, but delivery is delayed due to the Lunar New Year holiday, so I will be released as soon as the goods arrive. The estimated delivery period is after February 14th. This item is not included in the refund condition.

I will update the new February delivery notice in early February.

Thank you.

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