February Birthday sale. Renewal of Opening - Luz & Amity Enamel pin.

Updated: Apr 23

Announce of February sale. Renewal of Opening - Luz & Amity Enamel pin.

  1. BirthDay Big Sale

  2. Renewal of Opening - Luz & Amity Enamel pin

  3. Ship Later (Centaur World Funding)

Feb 27th, Birth Day Big Sale!

- Febuary 27th is my Birthday! So, all items are release and have 27% sale on every products!

You can use the patreon shop only on this day.

27% Sale coupon will show on Home page, and you can use the coupon on the shipping cart > Promotion code.

Event Period : Febuary 26th 7am pst/10am est(27th 0am Kst) ~ Febuary 27th 9am pst 28th 0am est

Renewal of Opening - Luz & Amity Enamel pin.

- Currently, 19 orders that have not been delivered due to lack of products include more than one "opening pin-Luz & Amity) enamel pin, which began sales on October 8 last year.

The product was ordered on November 1, 2021, but the product was received late due to a continuous delay from the company, and most of the received pins could not be delivered below grade B. We asked for the re-production of pins below grade B, but they did not cooperate in producing the product for more than 4 weeks, so I decide re-produced the product on other companies. (See more)

Therefore, in the case of shipments containing more than one enamel pin, "choice refund, full refund" has been applied only to those who contacted us since early February, and I will deliver newly pins to those who have not contacted or want to receive newly made products.

In addition, I have designed a new awkward part of the enamel pin.

Overall, all parts was newly designed, and the Glow in the dark effect and Amity skin color changed. Also, the size, weight of the pin, and clutchs may be different.

Newly designed pins will be delivered to 19 existing and new pre-orders (excluding grade B of existing pins).

This pin will ship out from end of April ~ Mid of May

Ship later

This is a delivery schedule for next shippment

- CentaurWorld funding items : Horse pin's Glow in the dark effect has a problem so it ahve a re producing, so delivery will begin early to mid-March.

The shop has vacation until February 25th, and it will be renewed and reactivated with the sale on February 26th.

Thank you.

Potin / @P_goods_factory / p.goods.factory@gmail.com

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