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Delayed delivery notice

Delivery will be delayed a little because delivery is impossible until the 22nd due to the holiday in our country. Please wait a little bit!

- Closed for application : From September 9th to September 22th.

- Delayed products: Patreon rewards, Normal orders

- Australia can't be shipped.

Also, I added areas that cannot be delivered and areas that should be noted.

☆United States : Hawaiian, Puerto Rico, Virgin Island, Guam, Marshall Island, Saipan, Samoa, Palau

☆Australia (delivery will be delayed until October at the earliest): Orders are available.


Unable to transport to the rest of the area exit Luzon Island, Manila Island

(Recisional Postal Code: Manila Island (starting with 1)

Luzon Island (25,29~,33,36~38~,40~48~49~,51~,52~)

* Non-transportable area with Luzon Island

☆UK and Europe: Shipping is possible, but tariffs may occur on your package. This is entirely up to you and the seller is not responsible. If you want to avoid it, don't order it.



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