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Standard Grade Conditions by Product

I have summarized the cases that are excluded from the refund and exchange conditions for each product. Please check all of these before purchasing and refrain from purchasing if you are sensitive to them.

Delivery other than EMS may be rejected even if it is subject to refund and exchange conditions.


- If the actual color is different from the example color (the color may vary depending on the company and printer)

- If the size of the product is less than 2mm (except for fabric products)

- For keyrings, the color or shape of the keyring on the screen is different.

- If the packaging method differs from the example image (in this case, the original packaging material falls off and is replaced by another packaging material)

- If there is a problem with the packaging material (background paper, packaging vinyl, etc.)

Enamel Pin





Binding product (book/note/memo pad)


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