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2022 January shipping for World Wide

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Thank you for your waiting.

This is a inform of the total January!

  1. WorldWide Shipping Notice

  2. First Shipping(Terri's Pie, Patreon Rewards)

  3. Second Shipping(Christmas Products)

  4. Third Shipping(The Owl House Collaboration itmes)

  5. TOH Collaboration pin's status

  6. 4th Shipping

  7. 5th Shipping(Ghost Knight Hunter Enamel pin, Amphibia Butterfly Enamel pin)

  8. Ship later

World Wide Shipping notice

The existing post office was closed without notification, so I had to use the new post office. Therefore, the delivery date of the existing delivery has been delayed, and it may be different from the date listed below by one to two days. We will try to deliver it on the updated date as much as possible.

K-packet will be the first to start shipping.

First Shipping(Ship on Jan 6~7)-Shipped

: The product that was on sale, Amphibia Pre-order itmes(Terri's pie enamel pin), Patreon Rewards

Among the membership products, only carrot cookie rewards (Book 3-Tulip & Hazel Set) in December and special candy rewards (Amphibia: Christmas of the Earth) in January will be delivered.

Due to a production error, the special candy rewards (Olsens Set) in January and the special candy rewards (Amphibia: Sprig's birthday / telescope badge production error) in December will begin shipping in late January.

Second Shipping(Ship on Dec 8~14)-Shipped

: 2021 Christmas The Owl House products, some of the Amphibia products,

All Christmas The Owl House products and only the acrylic keychain and washi tapes of Amphibia will be ship.

Butterfly pin will be released from late January to early February due to the long production period.

Third Shipping(Jan 20 ~Jan 27)

: All The Owl House Collaboration items

Re-producing products will done on January 20th, so it will be send until January 27th.

The current status of production of products for Owl House Collaboration Badge items on January 15st, 2022.



Reason for delay


Opening pin : Luz&Amity


Factory delay

Opening pin : Willow&Gus


Wrong Glitter color

Jan 20th

Lumity Pin


Factory delay

Harpy Eda&King pin


Wrong Glitter color

Jan 20th

Hunter pin



Raine Whispers pin


Factory Delay

[Halloween] King pin


Color error

[Halloween] Eda pin


Color error

[Halloween] Lilith pin


Factory delay

Checking the Printing error

[Halloween] Raine pin



[Halloween] Hunter pin


Wrong color

2 Colors

The table can be updated later.

4th Shipping (January 27th ~ January 28th)

: In October 2021, all items (not being shipped) and other delivery products except for Halloween Hunter Enamel pin, Amphibia Butterfly Enamel pin, and Patreon rewards

- If the production of the Halloween Hunter pin is delayed and if your order has more than one pin is included, it will be released last.(To be continued in February)

- The Amphibia Butterfly Enamel pin, which will be sold for Christmas in December, will be released from mid-February.

- The badge of January's all tier will be released from mid-February.

Evidence mail to confirm the delay in delivery, and refund in case it is not delivered by February.

On the end of December last year, I was notified by the factory that it would be shipped on January 20, and if it was not shipped at this time, the delivery of the product would begin at the end of February. If I can't deliver the product to the buyers because I don't receive it by February, I'll refund only some or all of the products you ordered if you wanted.

Refunds can be applied from February (to be announced in detail), and only products that are being delayed are eligible. Refunds are optional and limited to applicants.

[Updated on January 10th] Opening pin : Gus & Willow pin, Harpy Eda & King pins will be released on January 12th! The estimated arrival period is January 17th, and if there is no problem, I will complete the shipment by the 20th!

5th delivery (February~?)

: All items and other delivery products including the Halloween Hunter Enamel pin in October 2021

Ship later

This is a delivery schedule for orders that have been newly started since the 3rd delivery was completed.

- CentaurWorld funding items : It will be produced according to the existing funding schedule, and delivery will begin early to mid-January.

- Delayed Membership Rewards : December Membership's Special Candy Membership (Other than that, it's all mine) Including and January's Carrot Cookie Membership (all of them are mine!) Including) The product will be released from the end of January to early February.

- Febuary Membership Reward : The period will be adjusted so that you can receive it in early February.

- Amphibia Christmas Butterfly pin : It will be released normally from the end of January to early February.

Thank you. Notice can be updated.

Potin / @P_goods_factory /

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