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2022 Feburury shipping for World Wide

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

2022 Feburury's Shipping information!(World Wide)

  1. First Shipping(TOH Pre-order, Amphibia Christmas products)

  2. Second Shipping(Patreon rewards)

  3. Ship Later (Centaur World Funding)

First Shipping(Ship on Feb 9st) - Shipped

: TOH pre-order all products, Amphibia Christmas products, etc.

'Opeining pin - Luz&Amity's pin has some problems on quantity, But, the factory didn't producted, so I have to move the factory to other factory. So if your order didn't shipped and your order have a opening Luz&Amity pin, then your order will be ship on mid of March

You can wait or apply for a refund (partial/full). If you request a refund, other products will be delivered right away.. More

Second Shipping(Ship on Feb 15) - Shipped

: November, December, January, Feburury Patreon rewards

All patreon rewards that dosen't shipped, and other missing orders will be ship.

Ship later

This is a delivery schedule for next shippment

- CentaurWorld funding items : Horse pin's Glow in the dark effect has a problem so it ahve a re producing, so delivery will begin early to mid-March.

The shop has vacation until February 25th, and it will be renewed and reactivated with the sale on February 26th.

Thank you.

Potin / @P_goods_factory /

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