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Patreon Shop Benefits & Guide

★ Benefits Information

- Patreon subscribers only! Benefits have changed from March 2022.

- Pre-order: Pre-order at a lower price before the public sale!

  • At the lowest price, please check the product first and make a reservation in advance to save money!

  • When placing a pre-order, you can complete the payment after placing the order like a normal order. However, it may take quite a while since the product is shipped after it is manufactured. (Up to 2 months)

  • After pre-ordering within the period, if pre-orders are gathered, the product will be produced.

  • Don't worry too much if production is canceled! The amount will be refunded if the item didn't funded.

  • For products that failed to be produced in the pre-order, 'Please Producing!' You will be moved to the list.

  • For quick production, it can be in the Pre-Order list and the Please producing! list at the same time.

- All products: Check out all the products sold only in the Patreon Shop!

  • You can purchase all products, from pre-order products that are released for the first time, to Patreon limited products, and limited edition products with only a small amount left.

  • Sold out items in the Patreon Shop mean that there are no more stocks unless they are restocked.

- 10% discount and combined shipping : 365 days discount, save shipping costs with bundled shipping!

  • Check out the 10% discount coupon that is renewed every month at Patreon and use it in the shopping cart promo code. Coupons do not appear in the homepage shop.

  • Coupons are not announced separately for bundled shipping (combined shipping). Please request combined shipping before or after ordering. We will ship together only if there is a previous order after request.

  • Combined shipping is only possible if you have paid for the product delivery reward from Patreon or have previously placed an order. Combined shipping may not be possible for some items or items from the event store.

- Please Producing! : Breathe life into unfunded products!

  • Please add a little more money and help the product that failed production be produced!

  • 'Please producing!' items on the list have a higher cost than the original items, which is a scarce crafting cost (up to 50%). When all production costs are funded, the product is produced.

  • If you purchase the 'please producing!' list, the product will be delivered first to the person who made the purchase, and a small gift will be sent along with 5 manufactured products.

  • For quick production, it can be in the Pre-Order list and the Please producing! list at the same time.

★ Usage Guide

- If you press the buttons at the top, you will be directed to the relevant sales location or usage guide.

- Click the Home Pre-Order List to go to the Membership Shop.

★ Additional inquiries

- Do you have additional questions? Send a DM to @P_Goods_factory on Twitter or Instagram!

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