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All Policies are little bit diffrent with Wold wide Policies, so please check on your country!

Information on benefits &

World wide purchase information

★ Information on Second Special benefits - Event ended

- Special event period: October 25 ~ Event ended


- If you purchase 2 set or more of product with 'SB★' ribbon, you will receive a one of 'Halloween Lumity Acrylic Key chain(Random)'.

- If you purchase 4 set or more of product with 'SB★' ribbon, you will receive both types of 'Halloween Lumity Acrylic Key chain'.

- Products without SB★ ribbons are excluded from the number of special benefits gifts.

- Only one acrylic key chain will be given per order. Even if you place an order later, the order will not later.

- Special benefits will not be given if you purchase more than two (1 each), the maximum number.

- The order for the collaboration cannot be shipped together.

- Special benefits are limited in quantity and the event is only held until exhausted, so the special benefits presentation event may end early.

- Special benefits are not sold separately.

- If products other than Special benefits are not sold until the end of sale, so the quantity remains, even if you purchase the remaining inventory, the Special benefits gift event is not included.


First Special Benefit Event is over

- If you purchase more than 1 set of product with 'SB★' ribbon, you will receive a random 1 type out of 8 types of seal stickers (2 types when purchasing 2 sets, 4 types when purchasing 4 sets, 8 types when purchasing all 8 sets) , images may be duplicated.

- 'Bat's Mask Enamel pin' will be given when you purchase 3 sets of any of the product with 'SB★' ribbon

- 'Lumity Acrylic Key chain' will be given when purchasing 5 sets of any of the product with 'SB★' ribbon

★ World Wide purchase guide

- All products are displayed in USD ($/dollar), because you can only set "one currency". That's why we've set the default currency to USD so that more countries can use it.

- If you live overseas or require delivery overseas, please make sure to pay on the English site.

- You can pay with Pay-pal Only

- For PayPal payments, the payment currency is USD Dollars ($). When paying with PayPal  Even if you change the currency, payment is processed only in dollars ($).

- There is a menu to change the currency in the sales list/cart. Currency converters based on frequently traded countries are located on every category page so you can check them for your current currency.

-  If you live in Korea, be sure to write your address in "Hangul".

- Delivery of this collaboration product will start from the end of November.

- Please make sure to check the available delivery area and delivery method. If you order to a non-delivery area, the order may be canceled. International shipping Area

★ Additional Q&A

- Do you have any additional questions? Send a DM to @P_Goods_factory on Twitter or Instagram!

★ Halloween Special Benefits ★

If you buy then 2 Sets or more, then you can get
Random Lumity Acrylic Key Chain!
(100 pcs limited/If you purchase 4 Set, then you can get both Design!)
Size 2'x1.2'/Designer : GGushi(@su_ggushi)

​The event has ended.

루스 아크릴 챰.png
애미티 아크릴 챰.png

Designed by

Special Event date
100set limited

★ Special Benefits ★

If you buy then 1 Sets or more, then you can get Seal Sticker!
(300 pcs limited/Random design/1 set per 1 sticker)
Paper Size 1.2'x1.2'/Designer : Potin(@ani_potin)

Out of stock

띠부 8.png
띠부 4.png
띠부 3.png
띠부 7.png
띠부 6.png
띠부 5.png
띠부 2.png
띠부 !.png

If you buy then 3 Sets or more, then you can get Vets Mask!
(50pcs limitied)
Designer : Potin(@ani_potin)

Out of stock

뱃츠 뱃지 예시.png

If you buy then 5 Sets or more, then you can get Lumity Key Chain!
(30pcs limitied)
1.5' height
Designer : GGushi(@su_ggushi)

Out of stock

루미티 아크릴 예시.png

Purchase by October 17th
you can get

Random Postcard & Bookmark!
(25pcs each/Limited to 100 total)
Postcard: 6'x4' / Bookmarks: 6.1'x2.75'

Artist  : Cocoa(@cocoa_01225), Sweetwizard56(@SweetMaria56), Jyojiriiin(@Jyojiriiin)

Out of stock

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