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*This commission is a commission post of 'Potin' (@ani_potin on Twitter/instargram)
Please be sure to read all articles and apply!

- Application possible (YES): Owner, Not real person, fan art, Creature, Dragon, Furry, Animal, What I think I can draw
-Unable to apply (NO) : 3D Real Pearson, NSFW, Gore, Mecar, genre with problems (right/hate genre), what I think I can 't draw, Anime

-World wide : Pay-pal Only



20 usd(Full color)

Flat Color

- Half body : 30 usd
- Full body : 40 usd

Full Color
- Half body : 40 usd
- Full body : 60 usd

​Up to 3 characters, 50% added for each additional character

​+Make in to Merchandise+

I will make the design into merchandise and send it to you! Additional shipping charges may apply.

​Shipping is delivered directly from the factory or delivered to the customer after I receive the acrylic. Shipping costs vary from factory to factory. I will inform you about the shipping method.

Made to Acrylic Key Chain!

Producing and Shipping will takes maximum 1 month~2 month

Add 15 usd

Double sided acrylic with front epoxy + glitter effect. The front and back sides are the same, and 2 or 3 pieces are individually wrapped and delivered.

Add 10 usd

It is a normal transparent double-sided acrylic. The front and back sides are the same, and one is individually wrapped and shipped.

If you would like other materials, please contact us separately.


Only head and full colors are available.

Only the top of the head to the shoulder or collarbone are drawn. Only simple facial expressions are possible.

Half Body

It is usually drawn from head to waist. It can appear from the head to the chest or even part of the leg.


Full Body

Appears from head to foot.

Line Style

-Crayon Line
-Clean Line