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Based in Korea


Designer, artist, Maker and a creator that persistently accepts challenges.

P_goods_factory is

This is a small 'Project Room' by Potin,

a 'winged but flightless rabbit in a green hoodie.'

Potin is very fond of Orcas and Whales. She likes the good side of Whales and the brave and friendly image of Orcas.


If you support and help Potin achieve her dream, one day, she will be able to become big like a whale!

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2015.05.25 ~ 2020

Postin World


Fan goods production


Fan goods production

August 8th | Steven Universe <Welcome To Earth>'s 환5 booth (with alswl030) - Seller

November 1th | Steven Universe Connverse pin collab (with alswl030) - Head Mode

November 20th | Steven Universe Stevonnie Charm collab (with Pakkang) - Head Mode

December | Marine Pins tumblbug Funding


Febuary 7th | Adventure Time Online exchange exhibition <내 교류전을 위해 복수할끼다!> - participant

April 15th | Infinity Train <Infinity Circle> - Head Mod

April | Opened Patreon

June 14th | The Owl House & Amphibia Collaboriation from (with @pyeon_yeon)

June 18th | She-ra Sword Enamel pin, Sticker Collab (with @halang_rubsaS2)

July ~ August | Steven Universe Movie 2 Anniversary Pins funding

October 7th | The Owl House Season 2 Collab (with GGushi) - Head Mod

October 18th ~ November 16th | Centaur World Kickstarter Collab (with Pinkfluffylion)

October 31th | The Owl House Halloween Collab (with GGushi) - Head Mod

November | Marine Pinz tumblbug funding

December 25th | The Owl House Christmas Collab (with nonbinate) - Head Mod


21 May 31th ~ 21 Feb 9th | Carmen Sandiego Online exchange exhibition - participant

Feb ~ Aug | Amphibia Fan Zine <No Big Deal> - Head Mod

Feb ~ August | Centaur World Fan Zine <fragilethingz> - Merch Artist

Jul 3rd | 'Cartoon Only Zone(Defesta on KOR)' booth event Head Mod

Jul~Sep | Infinity Train Fan Zine <Rymins' Zine> - Merch Artist

​Postin World

Fan Art & Fan Made

Marine Pinz, etc.

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