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Collector Shaker Delay gift info

Collector Shaker has been delay AGAIN.....

The reason is that the second factory I ordered was in China, and everyone in the factory was sick for two weeks from the day I ordered it, and no one worked for the other two weeks because it was a holiday because it was New Year. It's ridiculous, but this is what I heard from them.

And so in the second factory, nothing happened and another four weeks passed. Due to the nature of the shaker, it takes only two to three weeks to produc
e, so I ordered it from the first company in early-mid November and asked the second factory to produce it, but I am very angry and sorry that it has not been made for six weeks. You can find out about the first company here.

I was thinking about canceling this item, but I decided not to cancel the shaker production after collecting short opinions from Discord. The date they expected to complete the production as promised is February 9th, a few weeks after the Lunar New Year holiday.

However, since the orders received so far have not been delivered for about two months, I have decided to cancel and refund the shaker of the existing order or send an apology gift to all the shaker orders.

Additoinal Gift

All those who have previously ordered shakers will be added a product based on the second episode that will be released this time along with a small sticker that was previously promised. Currently, we are expecting an acrylic key ring, but the product may be changed to another one. The design will be posted later, so please wait! 


If you want a refund, please let me know your order number and name. The shaker of your order will be canceled and the rest of the products will be delivered on the next delivery date. 


Original information is Korea Offline event only.

If you misused the information that can be checked by checking the Korean page, the order will be canceled.

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