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Get the Free pins in patreon!

Get the new pin as free!

These are the new pins that made a lot of money at the auction event of the last birthday party evnet! I'll also update other additional free bee items on my shop when they are update, and if you wants these free bee items, then please read this post and get the item that you wanted!

New pins : Flex Potin enamel pin, Ghost and String Bean enamel pin

Update date : April 20th 0am EDT

If you are already my patron, then you can put the Free Bee in the same way as you put it in your cart before! You have to order with other items that non free bee item. Also only one free bee is allowed. If you order only free bee item or put 2 or more, then your free bee will canceled.

But Please notice, only one free bee will including in one package.

Even if you only have one Free Bee per order, one Free Bee will be excluded if you request to ship the products together. No matter what order you want to ship together, 'one package' will include only one. (Order≠Package)

For example, if you wants 3 different free bee, then make 3 package! No matter how many times you place an order, whether you put a few orders together into one package, you only need three packages that are finally delivered to you!

They will also listing as pre order on public, so you can also order one free bee pin and one pre order pin if you don't make additional order.


Original information is Korea Offline event only.

If you misused the information that can be checked by checking the Korean page, the order will be canceled.

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